Toitū Te Pūoro Selected for Best Albums of 2018 by (Greece)

toitutepuoro-cover (Greece) has selected my solo album Toitū Te Pūoro as one of the best albums of 2018!

Here’s a translation of their review of Toitū Te Pūoro;

“Al Fraser in ‘Toitū Te Pūoro’ delivered an audio system with unprecedented charm. The reason has nothing to do with the exotics of this particular disc, we are talking about a New Zealand musician who does not just know how to handle the instruments and their language from the Maori store, but goes on to a new dimension, that of experimenting, sculpting a thoroughly modern sound map after a careful grammar. It sounds complicated, monumental and bold with the risk of being nasty. However, the structure built by Fraser is not inelastic, because it does not try to pioneer but to define.”

Here’s a link to the album where you can stream or download it:

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