Mixed Messages – David Harrow and Al Fraser

The ancient sororities of taonga puoro combine with the contemporary textures and timbres of electronic technology and sequencing techniques to produce an evocative soundscape that is as compelling as it is mysterious.

David Harrow is a record producer, DJ and multimedia artist who currently lives and works in Los Angeles. While performing in and around London in the early 80s he met poet Anne Clark, and many of the recordings he produced for her are considered milestones of the era. He also collaborated on a number of projects with Mike Vamp, Peter Hope, and Pinkie Maclure, which led to a period producing music in Germany with artists such as LeningradSandwich and Fougorki. After a six-month stint as in-house musician/co-producer for seminal San Francisco dance label, Razormaid, he returned to London to perform at various “acid house” events, and began an extended period of music production for the label ONU.

In the 90s, David produce recordings for a wide range of artists, including New Zealand’s Headless Chickens and Salmonella Dub. After working on album projects in Cuba and Jamaica in the early 2000s, he moved to Los Angeles. There he built a studio for his label Workhouse, and began scoring music for film and television. In 2006 he set up the online label, Workhouse Digital, initially to release his back catalogue, but it soon became a showcase for new projects and collaborations. After a successful visual projection at a UCLA party, David branched deeper into multimedia work, particularly the new and exciting area of video mapping.

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